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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tatooine Ghost

This cover makes me want to visit Tatooine - that's a first!
Onward, upward! Or, as Han would say, "I have a bad feeling about this..."

Wait, what?

It's not that I don't think it will be interesting - everything I've read (all right, the flap copy, but still!) suggests that it's going to be an awesome new adventure. But I think part of what worries me is that it's new. This isn't a reread; it's a brand-new adventure by a brand-new author. Help!

When Ro and I started putting together our booklist, we negotiated and discussed which books we wanted to include. I had a couple of reasons for fighting for this one. First of all, it's a weird place in the series for a new book to be. A lot of the new stuff is post-Zahn trilogy, during the original trilogy, or pre-episode one. This one takes place right after the Thrawn trilogy and before ....

OMG. Ro!! I've screwed us up! This is what happens when I get cocky (right, Han? Right?).

So I've just had another look at the official Star Wars Novel Timeline (which apparently I didn't bother to read before). Turns out Tatooine Ghost comes right before the Thrawn trilogy.

The Official Star Wars novel chronological timeline - worth a read ^_^


Ro, I'm so sorry! But since this is a problem that begs to be discussed, please post your thoughts about whether or not to continue with this novel or not below....

Ro's Input: Eh, no worries! I say let's read it! Mostly because I've already started it. And it's a new Star Wars book for me also. So we just have to remember to backtrack every time we wonder why there are no twins present, and why Mara Jade isn't swinging out of nowhere trying to slice Luke's head off. (As if that ever actually happened... heehee.) Plus I'm curious about Troy Denning and what he has to bring to the mix. So I say, let's go for it! I have almost no expectations for this book, and only expect to be entertained. Do we think Mr. Denning will be another Timothy Zahn. Of course not. But it'll still be a fun read! (I feel sort of bad for all of the other Star Wars authors, being held up to Timothy Zahn's brilliance. It's really not fair... But he set the bar so high!!).

Es's Input:

In that case, onward and upward!


  1. For the record, I'm super bummed that Mara won't be "swinging out of nowhere trying to slice Luke's head off." Mondo bummer.

    It's true re: following Zahn's act. Still, I'm prepared to be pleasantly surprised with this one. I think Troy Denning is one of the contributors to the Legacy of the Force saga and the one book of read of that series I was very impressed with and it might have been Denning's. Anyway, I'm actually excited too. We've already read "Scoundrels," which is totally out of sequence. Why not follow it up with something else completely random? In fact, let's just start going through the reading list backward? ^_^ Okay, I'm done being silly. Yay! Can't wait to get started!

  2. Oh man, that would be so confusing, reading the last book in a series or trilogy first... I say we should try it! (Not really...)

    I've also got high hopes for "Tatooine's Ghost." I actually owned a used hardcover for a long time. And I sold it back to the store I think 3 months before you proposed this idea to me... It was definitely a headdesk sort of moment... But I've got a copy, and I'm excited to really get into it. ^_^

  3. Oh no! I hate it when that happens (and it actually has). Also a facepalm moment ^_^

    Speaking of books and used bookstores, I wound up ordering myself a copy of "Staying at Daisy's" through the Booksmith today which wouldn't have been an issue except that my coworker, a very very silly and mischievous twenty-year-old, was the one who figured out it was a book for me and was like, "TESS READS ROMANCE NOVELS." I pointed out very reasonably that if she was going to mock me, it should be for something like, oh, say, reading Star Wars novels (which is something that I actually do) instead of reading romance novels, which genre I've only read once (for real, "Staying at Daisy's" is the only one). Obviously, she was having way too much fun at my expense by then to pay any attention and now she's stolen and hidden it and is making me come to the front of the store to buy it in front of everyone. Sigh. Very like Peeves the Poltergeist ....

    Anyway, Star Wars! Yay! Reading starts tonight!