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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Mos Eisley Band tunes up it's instruments

This blog post is going to be updated regularly as Es and I find the perfect songs to accompany our Star Wars reading list.

I would like to start said song list with these gems:

Swimming by Florence & the Machine. Because the part of the book I'm in, Gaerial Captison is fighting and sinking in her attraction to Luke Skywalker.

Doomsday Clock by Smashing Pumpkins. I always envisioned Wedge as a bit of a metal head. So of course, he would be cranking this through his X-Wing while battling alien invaders.

Wild Child by Enya. Leia seems pretty conflicted and distracted, so some soothing music (that still reminds her that she's a Princess and badass) is always a good thing.

Back in Black by ACDC. Because Chewie needs a theme song. And I always thought of this song in conjunction with him. Even though he's brown...

Es's Additions

I'm adding a few things here because if I just add to the comments, I can't add a link to the songs ...

Megalomaniac by Incubus. Because the Emperor, and his politicians like Governor Nereus, need their own theme song

I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston. Partly because I couldn't resist - kind of a perfect song for Luke, right? Party, too, though, because about the same time I first discovered Heir to the Empire at my bus driver's garage sale and fell madly in love, I also discovered an old cassette tape of Whitney Houston's music, which I also fell in love with. Star Wars and Whitney kinda went hand-in-hand ....

I Must Be Dreaming by Frou Frou. Because Luke needs another theme song for his several love affairs throughout the series ^_^

Bein' Green by Ray Charles. Because a) Ray Charles and b) the whole EU stems from Yoda's legacy, which Luke thinks a lot about, particularly in the early post-ROTJ novels.


  1. Ro, what a fantastic start to our list! I wanted to add my first series of additions to the original post because I wanted to attach links to them, which I can't do in the comments. Your list is genius and I hope my additions make you smile! Let's keep working on this!

  2. P.S. That picture of the Tatooine band is EPIC!!

  3. Ooooooo, doubly good choices by you as well!! I can't wait to keep adding to this post... ^_^

    PS: I googled pictures of the Mos Eisley Cantina Band, and there it was, in the middle of the page. I knew I had to use it!!

  4. Dude, you are amazing! Maybe from here on out we can just add to the comments - I just wanted to add a few extra song links to the post itself. Or I guess we can keep updating the post itself - either way!